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v0.1.02 released

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v0.1.02 released

MediaProvider *v0.1.02* has been released. This is a *alpha bugfix release*
intended for testing and development purposes.


- Database connection related exceptions like "... already closed" or related
to objects created in different threads have been resolved.

*About the project*

MediaProvider is an Open Source project to provide media in your network. It
should be irrelevant on which device they should be played back or where the
data is stored.

Test results can be published on the user community [1]. More detailed
information how to get all relevant details are available in the user guide on
the web site. The source code for all modules being used are on github [2].
Please visit our development web site [3] for more information.


As the first step a MediaServer compliant to the UPnP standard is available for
duty. It should be accessible by any DLNA compatible device. But this Python-
based software should not only be a UPnP / DLNA server. A HTML5 interface
intended for SmartTVs and mobile devices should bring a MediaCenter interface
where it belongs to: To the TV screen.

*Indiegogo NAS campaign*

To bring the project one step closer to this goal we need your help. An
Indiegogo [4] campaign should provide this young project the funds to buy a
Synology DiskStation DS414slim and four hard drives. This development unit is
intended to be placed in a cellar or corridor to stream not only all the media
to the living room but the MediaCenter interface as well.

Best regards
Tobias "NotTheEvilOne" Wolf