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The MediaProvider is an Open Source project to provide media in your network. It should be irrelevant on which device they should be played back or where the data is stored.

As the first step a MediaServer compliant to the UPnP standard is available for duty. It should be accessible by any DLNA compatible device. Thereby images, audio and video can be streamed in the network.


The MediaProvider should be available on simple UPnP compatible radios where for easy use virtual playlists are provided as well as on full-fledged SmartTVs based on a HTML5 app. For easy use we would like to use existing features from the device. Of course you can still connect an external PC for control but it should not be a requirement.

It should provide media for playback. It should be controllable with smartphones, tablets and e-readers. On top of that it should provide recording capabilities. Files in incompatible formats should be converted on the fly or if used based on a NAS system in the cloud before.

Development state

Currently this software is in the alpha phase.

You can follow the development on Google+.

The software is based on Python and can be customized easily for new devices or special functionality. It has a hook-based plugin system to enhance or change every important aspect of the system.

More information is available on our developer website (

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